This online exhibit had its origins in a small physical exhibit in the reading room of the Bentley Historical Library. That exhibit, created by Emily Swenson, Greg Kinney, and Brian Williams, focused on Willis Ward's experience as a student at the University of Michigan. The continuing interest in Ward, some newly accessible sources (public records through ancestry.com, African American newspapers through ProQuest and newspapers.com, and some new archival collections) and recent scholarship on race and college athletics, as well as contemporary events, prompted the Bentley to take a broader look at Ward's life and legacy—one that deals with the notorious Georgia Tech benching, to be sure, but considers the broader context of family, community, campus, and career.

This exhibit is the work of Bentley Historical Library staff members Greg Kinney, Caitlin Moriarity, Andrew Rutledge, and Brian Williams, with editorial contributions from Lara Zielin.

The exhibit draws on the work of many previous researchers, most notably John Behee and Tyran Kai Steward. The following bibliography cites the principal primary and secondary sources consulted.


Sources Consulted


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Archival Collections

Ancestry.com (for census records; birth, marriage and death records, city directories, Detroit Northwestern H.S. 1931 Norwester yearbook)
Athletic Department (University of Michigan) records, Bentley Historical Library
Athletic Department (University of Michigan) Individual Files - Willis Ward, Bentley Historical Library
Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics (University of Michigan) records, Bentley Historical Library
Ralph W. Aigler Papers, Bentley Historical Library
- Willis Ward Alumni File, Bentley Historical Library
- Willis Ward Papers, Detroit Public Library

Newspapers and Periodicals

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Michiganensian Yearbook
Michigan Alumnus Magazine
The Michigan Daily Digital Archive
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- Online newspapers: The Livingston Post, Detroit News
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